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5 Reasons Why a Subscription Box is the Best Gift This Season

by Jessika Noda |

Holiday shopping is top of mind this time of year. While you're compiling your gift list, why not consider giving your loved ones a subscription box? Here are our Top 5 reasons why a subscription box is the best gift this year.


Gift that keeps on giving

This one’s pretty obvious. Subscription boxes can range anywhere from weekly to monthly to bi-monthly, to seasonally. This is an awesome way to continually show your love for your friends and family throughout the year. Everytime they receive their box in the mail, they’ll think of you (and hopefully share!)



They may seem like a bit of an upfront cost, but in reality, subscription boxes actually offer some of the best value for what you get. For many subscription boxes, the retail value of the contents in the box far exceeds what the actual box costs. 


There's a box for everyone 

From makeup to knitting to snacks to wine (yes, wine) there’s a subscription box for it. These are great for those friends and family that are impossible to shop for. You know who we’re talking about. They already have everything or are super picky because all you have to do is find a box that aligns with their interests. 


They're a time saver

This is perfect for the busy human. Leave the guesswork out of what to get your loved one, and leave it to the experts. Instead of bundling your own gift, going to several websites and shops, subscription boxes are already thoughtfully curated with zero effort on your part necessary.


Give the gift of delight

Nothing beats coming home to a mystery box on your doorstep. The anticipation and suspense of the box arriving (or even fully forgetting that a box is on the way) makes receiving a box that much more satisfying. Having a curated box of goodies delivered is always a welcome and delightful experience that your loved ones will definitely appreciate.

Save time this year and give the gift that keeps giving with our Seasonal Subscription

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