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5 Ways to Practice Sustainability in Our Everyday Lives

by Jessika Noda |

In the past few years, more and more people have started to pay closer attention to the waste that they produce. With a deadly heat wave that happened here in the West Coast, it’s clear that global warming is happening, and it’s our responsibility to make smart choices when it comes to protecting our environment and our home. 

It can feel overwhelming at times when we realize how much trash we’re throwing out or how much plastic we actually use in our daily lives, but the key is to take it slowly, and break it down into small steps.

To make sustainable living feel more accessible, here are 5 tips to help you get started!

Shop for groceries and meat at local shops 

We all need to grocery shop, and while the supermarket is a great one stop shop and very convenient, the UN has reported that the global food system accounts for 30% of global greenhouse gases. Shopping from local markets and butcher shops helps cut down on packaging, transportation, and processing. It also helps support your local farmers and economy.

Choose products or brands that can be refilled or offer refill programs 

BYOJ aka Bring Your Own Jars, refillable beauty programs, and package free cleaning supplies. We’re seeing more and more sustainable options pop up for daily consumer products. Nowadays, you can refill anything from daily groceries, to personal care products, to lifestyle goods.

We love companies like Blueland who offer plastic-free cleaners and reusable bottles. Simply order your refill tablets and mix with water inside their reusable glass containers and you’re good to get cleaning! 

Opt for plastic free packaging

We’re finding that especially in the clean and indie beauty space that brands are opting for more sustainable packaging. From hand wrapped paper packaging like Nana + Livy’s soap products to innovative biodegradable cleansing capsules from Boonidoon plastic free options are becoming more and more popular, making it easier to eliminate plastics in our everyday beauty routines. 

Bring your own reusable bags for groceries

On the topic of grocery shopping, opt to bring your own reusable bags. Single use plastic bags we get at the grocery store end up as deadly waste in landfills and in our ocean. They destroy ecosystems, and wildlife can often end up eating them, mistaking them for food. Not to mention, it’s estimated that globally, humans consume about the equivalent of a credit card of plastic per week due to microplastics. 

We love Flax Home’s collection of market bags and market bag inserts perfect for produce and everyday items made from french linen. These bags are strong, adaptable, and versatile. They’re also breathable, fast drying, and ultra lightweight!

Support ethically responsible fashion brands

To close the circle on fast fashion, consider purchasing second hand clothes where possible. If you’re into luxury items, luxury resale is becoming a growing industry especially for special event dresses most people only wear once, or gently used luxury handbags.

If you’re purchasing new clothes, try to support fashion brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious and avoid fast fashion stores. By investing in clothing that is slightly more expensive, but higher quality and made with better and more ethically sourced materials, your clothes will last a lot longer and you’ll produce less waste.

Last, when you’re done with clothing, try repurposing those pants into shorts, or donate them to your local thrift shop!

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