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5 Ways To Recycle Your Beauty Products/Upcycle Your Empties

by Jiyubox Team |


As children we were taught to always “reuse, reduce, and recycle”, but this phrase still holds its value as adults.  Considering the multitude of materials beauty products usually have, it’s no surprise people have a hard time recycling the intricate packaging. Without proper recycling, these products are found contributing to the world’s growing plastic problem. That is why finding new uses for your empties at home isn’t just beneficial financially, but also helps save the environment. Here at Jiyubox, we have gathered some of the best tips to recycle and repurpose your beauty empties. 

1. Check If The Product’s Company Has Any Recycling Programs 

Numerous beauty brands have made efforts to become more environmentally conscious and have already established recycling programs that allow consumers to return empty products for recycling. Sometimes companies will even offer some incentive to help make the recycling process easier. Some notable few are Deciem’s partnership with TerraCycle, and Harlow Skin Co. refill program.

2. Check Your Town’s Recycling Rules

Each cities’ recycling guidelines are different, so it’s important to search up what your local recycling service accepts before throwing something in the bin. Once you make your way to the guidelines, check for the ♲ (aka a Mobius loop) or ♳ (with “resin code” numbers) to help distinguish the type of plastic used. Also always remember to wash out an access product before throwing any items away. 

3. Face Mask/Moisturizer Jars As Jewelry Or Cotton Pad Holders

At Jiyubox, we are obsessed with the packaging that skincare comes in and it always breaks our heart to throw away said art pieces. However, there's no need to throw away your beloved face mask and moisturizer jars when you run out! Instead, you can turn them into jewelry containers to store all your everyday accessories from earrings to necklaces. Additionally, if you’re a skincare junkie like us, try storing cotton pads and q-tips in larger containers for all your skincare needs! If you feel extra creative, you can spray paint the jars and hot glue a knob on top to personalize the jars further. 

4. Use Old Lipstick/Lip Balm Containers To House Purse Essentials

Ever feel like you are always buying bobby pins? Old lipstick/lip balm containers can be repurposed to store all your bobby pins in your purse. It also can act as a secret compartment to store some extra cash on you. Just make sure to thoroughly clean each tube before use to avoid a sticky mess! 

5. Perfume Bottles As Vases 

Since everyone has been spending more time at home, why not  add some greenery to your living space? Studies have shown that having plants at home can reduce stress, increase focus, and other health benefits. Using old face mask or moisturizer jars can add a little flair to your plant collection. 


We are all making an effort to reduce our plastic consumption when it comes  to our beauty products. Especially, knowing that the beauty industry is a top contender when it comes to plastic waste being produced, it is always a good idea to try and repurpose our empties. 

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About the Author:

Cameron Rosario is a first-year health science student at McMaster University with an interest in dermatology. When she is not writing skincare blogs or studying, she is always looking for new ways to get involved in the ethical skincare world.

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