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Black-Owned Clean Beauty Brands You Should Check Out

by Jiyubox Team |

We have been so moved by the efforts of our global community to make a difference towards racial equality and stopping police brutality. We recognize that in our work, and in the work of the beauty industry, people of colour are not properly represented in product offerings (eg. lack of shade range for people of colour), in modelling, or in workplace diversity. We at Jiyubox commit to amplifying melanated voices and leaders in the clean beauty industry.

Our header photo for this piece is by the very talented Reyna Noriega (@reynanoriega_). We encourage you to check out her work, read her words and think critically about the statements she makes through art to further the black lives matter movement towards racial justice.

We are excited to share the following black-owned, clean beauty brands with you. 

OKOKO Cosmétiques

Oyéta Kokoroko is the CEO, founder and cosmetic formulator of OKOKO Cosmétiques. She started this brand after moving to Vancouver, inspired by the West Coast rainforests, pulling her multicultural background and French Canadian style into her products. OKOKO Cosmétiques’ currently has three labels, and their products focus on moisture, nutrition, protection, renewal and radiance. 

Product We’re Eyeing: Secret du dragon, Moisturizing Renewal Lip Serum

This lip serum’s blue colour comes from an infusion of blue tansy and blue spirulina (ingredients we LOVE). It is infused with dragon’s blood; a tropical resin and antioxidant from the Croton Lechleri tree. The serum promises to make lips irresistibly soft, hydrated and even can be used as a lip primer. 


OUI the people

Although not a skincare brand, we love the effort that founder Karen Young and her team put into protecting the skin through high quality razors. Their website is chock full of information about how to properly shave, avoid ingrown hairs or strawberry legs, and more. Their packaging is also recyclable or refillable. Best of all, OUI the people don't cloud their products in marketing terms - they’re clear about the value their products offer. “It began with a razor made for women, rather than a men’s razor dressed in pink. We're continuing that spirit of rebellion; creating products that nourish you and your body.” And who wouldn’t want that? 

Product We’re Eyeing: THE SINGLE - Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

Currently sold out (sad), their razor is effective and sustainable - once you need a blade replacement, you purchase a new one instead of throwing out tons of plastic razors. 

hanahana beauty

We have a huge friend crush on Abena Boamah-Acheampong, the founder of hanahana beauty. Her homemade, fair sourced products harness the power of shea butter while empowering the Katariga cooperative. Boamah-Acheampong is investing in this community of women through above fair trade pay, vaccinations, healthcare and education. hanahana’s mission includes “ women to feel smooth and confident in their own skin, while being able to dismiss popular beauty standards and free their way of thinking.” 


Product We’re Eyeing: Eucalyptus Shea Body Butter

The moisturizing power of shea butter with the energizing scent of eucalyptus - a match made in morning routine heaven! Staying indoors is not doing wonders for the skin, so this moisture is much needed. 



Lesley Thornton took years of experience helping clients find skin wellness through customized treatments as an esthetician and formulator to start Klur. She focuses on inclusive, clean and ethical beauty. This indie brand is female-owned and operated, which we LOVE. Klur is transparent about ingredients, production processes - everything you want to know, they’ve shared. 


Product We’re Eyeing: Symmetry Fluid

This serum helps protect the skin from free radicals with Vitamin C and a slew of other plant-based and natural ingredients. This is great for summer to protect your skin from any pollutants you come across during the day, while keeping you glowy. 


Temple Zen

Jashiro Dean’s Temple Zen was born out of necessity as a professional dancer that experienced aches and pains, burns, bruises and muscle fatigue. He created a line of skincare products including cleansers, oils, body butters, masks and more. Temple Zen is super affordable plus keeps products simple utilizing the power of essential oils. Dean’s personal favourite is the Day Oil, which only has four ingredients! 


Product We’re Eyeing: Calendula + Geranium Facial Scrub

This face scrub exfoliates while reducing inflammation and the appearance of fine lines. After long days of squinting at screens, this is just what we need. 

UnSun Cosmetics

Sunscreen isn’t just for summer - you can (and should) wear it year round to protect your skin from sun damage. Fed up with the beauty industry’s lack of clean options for people of colour, Katonya Breaux started UnSun Cosmetics in 2016. Her line of clean, mineral, and tinted sunscreens moisturize, reduce the appearance of pores and don’t leave a greasy residue behind. 


Product We’re Eyeing: Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen

It comes in two varieties - medium/dark and light/medium. The great thing about these sunscreens is that they’re formulated to match a variety of skin tones, so you don’t have to worry about shade matching. UnSun recommends using a dime sized amount - so a whole bottle will go a long way.



Stevonne Ratliff started this brand after dealing with her own skin sensitivities and a lack of clean beauty options, especially for people of colour. She sources her botanical ingredients from Brazil, inspired by the Brazilian apothecary near her home when she lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.         



Product We’re Eyeing: Acai Mango Lotion

First of all, this product must smell AMAZING, and with a water base, will absorb nicely into your skin. Dryness is a recurring problem during quarantine, so the rosehip oil and Vitamin E in this lotion are sure to keep our skin hydrated. 


Tribe Beauty Box

Bili Balogun founded and is the CEO of this subscription beauty box company, which includes products from indie and female-owned brands. Tribe Beauty Boxes focus more on makeup and beauty supplies, and even have developed a lash subscription. 


Product We’re Eyeing: Niu Body’s Cleansing Oil

We featured Niu Body’s sugar lip scrub in the Spring Box, so we’d love to try their cleansing oil next! You can read more about Niu Body here. Plus, they’re an indie, female-founded brand.

Sade Baron

Mother and daughter Sade and Rachel started this clean beauty brand to provide vegan products without any toxic fillers for the body. Their products are really affordable and as always, are made with ingredients you can understand. 

Product We’re Eyeing: Chian Frescas | Chia Seed Bar Soap

Chia seeds are so hydrating, plus with shea butter this soap is good for all skin types. Plus, we love a good citrus blossom scented product.


This brand is another clean brand specializing in body butters. These products are handmade with organic ingredients: shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil and more. It comes in a variety of flavours and is quite affordable. 

Product We’re Eyeing: Lavender Body Butter

The soothing scent of lavender with all the ingredients listed above are great for a relaxing end to the day, plus keeping your body hydrated is great for smooth skin. 

This list is only a glimpse into black-owned beauty! We are glad to use our voice to support clean beauty and black-owned brands. A database of 350+ black-owned beauty brands was collected by, and can be viewed here

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