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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Buck Naked Soap Company

by Jessika Noda |

This week on #cleanbeautyspotlight we speak with Rina, Founder of Buck Naked Soap Company


What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company?

We have a few sayings in our household, one of the most prominent is “Do what you say you will do”. This is a core value of congruency is importance in our business practices and how we develop and craft our products too. We pride Buck Naked on being truly natural, vegan, sustainable and handcrafted. To be congruent, and not just green wash, we do our research and don’t just follow trends. We research every ingredient and every process to make sure it meets our requirements. 

What inspired Buck Naked Soap Company? 

We started making soap in the spring of 2013 when my infant son started developing skin irritations. After weeding out the cause and finding it to be linked to the soap we were using, I started researching making my own. With this necessity, a business was born. 

What’s your favourite part of creating your products?

My favourite part of making our products is coming up with new formulas that help meet a need of a client or staff member.

What has been your most exciting moment with Buck Naked Soap Company so far?

The most exciting moment for us at Buck Naked was the day we moved from our home kitchen to a factory setting. It was such a big moment for us. It allowed us to grow and offer our line to a wider audience.

What was your biggest hurdle in creating your own skincare line?

Our biggest hurdle is creating a skincare line was knowing when to stop. There are so many wonderful skincare ingredients and we wanted to use them all, but we had to narrow our focus so we could launch the line. We hope to grow the line in the future and utilize more amazing ingredients!

What advice do you give to people wanting to start their own business?

My best advice is “Plan with the end in mind”.

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

Simply cleansing my face. I love the feeling of warmish water washing the day away and doing a light exfoliation. Stimulating the skin, and getting blood flowing just feels so good. I’m also obsessed with our Morocan Rose facial oil. It feels like silk and just does wonders for my skin.

We’re featuring Buck Naked’s Lemongrass & French Green Clay and Lavender & Rosemary Bath Bombs in the Winter box, what prompted the creation of this product?

I love taking baths, but hate the dry feeling after drying off. I also wanted to have something that as completely natural...This is why our bath bombs were formulated. They have a bit of safflower oil in them for moisturization, help balance the bath water and have added skin loving minerals.

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