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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Fig + Yarrow

by Jiyubox Team |

Welcome back to another Clean Beauty Spotlight feature! Today's spotlight is on Brandy Monique, Creator, and Founder of Fig + Yarrow. Take a read and follow our fellow female boss babe on her path to starting her own company!


What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company?

I value anything that is created mindfully and with pure intention. I also value respect for nature and those who are part of and affected by the production of consumer goods. I value beauty, genuineness and placing the well being of others above profit.


What inspired Fig + Yarrow?

Fig + Yarrow came to me in meditation after I’d casually asked the universe at large how I might best serve using all of my talents, interests, and skillsets. By then, I’d accumulated a lot of diverse experience through various professions, creative projects, and studies. I don’t usually receive visions in meditation but I was told the name and saw the products on a shelf that would eventually come to be my shop. At the time, I was at University taking an herbalism course as an elective so I launched the brand as my thesis and it all took off from there. I did maintain various side incomes for a time by doing basically whatever jobs I could get paid for that didn’t require further commitment beyond the project. Everything I made went into the business as there was the initial investment then large orders started rolling in which require additional upfront spend. A retailer like Anthropologie or terrain, for instance, would place a large order that would require my investment appx. 2 months+ before getting paid so it was quite an uphill endeavor in the beginning and being straight out of college with no capital to work with beyond side jobs which allowed me to be mixing, packing and labeling products literally all day and often through the night. Those were some seriously grueling and due paying days!


What’s your favourite part of creating your products?

I love the process of being tingly with inspiration and just following that trail to a product or any project’s fruition. There are initial elements of intense study and research which are also exciting to me that sort of steep for a bit. When I’m ready to create, I shelve the study, switch to the other brain hemisphere, and the inspiration bubbles up from there. It’s a lovely dance.


What has been your most exciting moment with Fig + Yarrow so far?

I can’t say there are specific moments, per se, though every twist and turn has its own kind of thrill. There’s been a lot of great opportunities connected with stressful challenges or dilemmas all along the way and what makes those more exciting than stressful is willing to flow and trust and seek inner guidance and just say wheeeee! It’s the sweet, salty, spicy all mixed in together.


What was your biggest hurdle in creating your own skincare line?

Initially, it was the capital. But I am tenacious as heck and a workhorse so I was very willing to see this vision through with every ounce of my being. To a fault at times though I have been working more in recent years toward caring more than ever for my own health and well-being just as I encourage others to do through the brand. You gotta practice what you preach, as they say.


What advice do you give to people wanting to start their own business?

Advice is tricky because it may be more what I needed to hear based on my own challenges and tendencies. Very generally though, I do encourage anyone to cultivate a meditation practice and spend as much time in nature as they can. I know it doesn’t sound like business advice, but these things have undoubtedly been the most helpful to me.


What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

Breathing and stretching first thing is sooo nice. I also hike in nature every morning which is a sort of beauty routine. But as far as products, I love my new daily steam and mask rituals. It used to be a very occasional thing when I was too busy for much personal care beyond my daily tub soaks, but I love to work this into my morning coffee while watching the sunrise on the big mountain out my window routine.


We’re featuring Fig + Yarrow’s  Coffee Eyebright Coffee Bean Eye Cream in the Spring box. What prompted the creation of this product?

I wanted to create a product with main ingredients that were both extremely effective for eye area concerns and also evocative as part of the name. There are many, many exceptional ingredients in this formulation beyond green coffee bean and eyebright. I’m quite sure this formulation wins the “longest ingredient list” of all I’ve made! It’s sometimes difficult for me to narrow my options down as I want all of my formulations to be choc-full of the best and most effective ingredients to address a multitude of concerns at once, particularly since getting the most from every pump and bottle is also an aim in my formulation process.

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