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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Midnight Paloma

by Jessika Noda |


Our first Clean Beauty Spotlight of the season is with Founder Tayler of Midnight Paloma. We are so excited to be featuring their Detox Mask Kit in the Fall box! Watch or read on to learn more about Tayler's story on how Midnight Paloma came to be.

What inspired the creation of Midnight Paloma?

I can’t really pinpoint one thing in particular, but I owned a retail store and we were carrying so many local natural brands, and I’ve always been very interested in branding and ingredients. It started off as a passion project on the side to sell in our store and it snowballed from there.

I started doing it as a fun side thing, the response was really good, and it really fed me creatively, so I was able to keep going.

It sounds like you’re a true entrepreneur at heart, what advice would you give someone starting out or who has a bold idea?

Side Hustles are so common now. It’s cool because a lot of people get into certain industries not realizing that it’s not a good fit so they start something on the side. It can be easy to get discouraged because at the beginning it can be overwhelming on where to start. I would say to just keep pursuing whatever really feeds you. You’re going to have moments where you’re feeling like this isn’t working, or I can’t do it, but if you just keep going with what really feeds you. 

Also reach out to someone who has a brand that you really admire. I find in Vancouver especially people are super supportive. There’s a whole community of entrepreneurs here which is amazing, and I’ve personally reached out to brands and connected with them. Everyone’s usually really willing, less about competition, it’s more of a collab vibe in Vancouver.

Just remember that it’s not going to happen in a day, and anything that’s amazing takes time to build.

What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company?

Authenticity. For me I’ve always been really true to myself and my personality. I really want that to reflect in my brand. I want it to be fun. For me I really love to have fun and at the end of the day its always about making positive things happen in my life and that reflects in my brand. I like to take things not too serious whether it be collaborations or launches. At the end of the day you need to be enjoying what you’re doing.

What was your biggest hurdle in getting Midnight Paloma off the ground?

Patience. For me I get so excited over things and I want to do everything right away. But I have that realization that it’s not going to happen right away. You see so many other brands doing so well, it’s hard not to compare yourself and be like “why aren’t I there yet?”. It’s so important to launch things properly and do all of the work beforehand to make things successful.

What’s your favourite part of creating Midnight Paloma’s products?

I’ve always been a major product junkie. I’ve always loved beauty products. I love creating the creative side of everything. It’s so enjoyable. Figuring out new creative ways to launch, or even creative products can be quite hard to have something unique especially in the beauty industry where it’s so saturated. I get a lot of enjoyment out of researching and developing. Honestly, I really enjoy every bit from packaging to product development, to Instagram.

What has been your most exciting moment so far?

Getting into my first store was such an exciting moment. I look back on it now and remember reading the email on my phone and jumping in the air doing a breakfast club. It’s scary when you create something and you don’t know if you’re going to get it. To have someone to want your product is really rewarding.

So we can see that you’re a mama to be, do you have any skincare tips for new moms?

I’m not a new mom yet, but from what I hear it’s very time consuming. I used to have moms come in to my store and say “I don’t have time for that”. Now that I’m going to me a mom I kind of get it, but I’d say give yourself those couple of seconds of putting on a serum or an oil.

I know mixing a mask in a bowl with a product but it really only takes a couple seconds. To have that moment for yourself is so lovely. I’m a big believer in self care, so even if you can strap your newborn on your body and put an oil and rub a rose quartz roller on your face it takes 2 seconds and it will honestly probably make you feel a little better. 

Moms are so selfless so we tend to put ourselves at the very end and it’s great to just give yourself that little extra treat.

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling natural beautiful?

The older I get the more I’ve embraced the idea of not wearing as much makeup and investing in my skin. When I was in my 20’s I used to wear so much makeup. For me, I love our skincare aspect of the line. I’m a really big fan of the oil and the gua sha. Those are like my power couple. Same with the mask, but you only use it once a week, but my everyday routine is the oil and the gua sha. I love releasing the tension in the jaw, and with the oil it’s a really nice combo.

We’re featuring Midnight Paloma’s Mask Kit in the Fall box, what prompted the creation of the infamous Detox Mask?

The mask is what started the entire line. For me personally, I have really sensitive skin and when charcoal was first coming out, all the charcoal masks I tried made my skin bright red and burn because it’s such an active ingredient. It got me thinking that there’s got to be a way to put charcoal in a mask for people who have sensitive skin.

What’s fun about the mask is you can tailor it to what your skin’s going through. You can mix it with different ingredients, like honey is good for dry skin, yogurt is good for oily skin, or you can just use water for a straight detox. 

With the mask kit, you can try it all 3 ways, and it comes with an applicator brush which is such a nice way to get the product on your face, it feels so therapeutic.

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