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Clean Beauty Spotlight: MIFA & Co.

by Jessika Noda |

It's our last #cleanbeautyspotlight of the Summer season, and we couldn't have asked for a better duo to finish us off. Meet Michelle and Fatemah, Founders of MIFA & Co


What inspired MIFA & Co?

Michelle had the aha moment first when I was making soap bars as a hobby in my kitchen and mentioned that I should sell my soap bars.  Michelle said to me one day “hey you know I think we can sell your soap” – I laughed it off. A few months later, while we were both on breaks from corporate, and more persistence from Michelle,  MIFA was born. 


Coming from corporate backgrounds (and being working moms), we knew the importance of self care and connecting with ourselves. We wanted to create products that inspired people to do just that but also make sure their self-care rituals were completely safe and therapeutic for the body. Our mission is to promote self-love through the evolution of self-awareness and practice of self-care, and we want our collection of products to consistently deliver a healing, restorative experience to each of our customers. We believe that what you put on your skin is as important as how you feel in your skin, and that often those two things are mutually exclusive, contributing to one another.


Our brand name came from our names actually :) Michelle (MI) and Fatemah (FA) = MIFA. It actually started as a joke in the beginning when Fatemah first came up with it, and then after over thinking for weeks we settled on our names because why not?


We love your minimalistic branding. What prompted this design and branding for you?

We wanted to create a modern brand that was 100% natural with high quality and luxurious ingredients at an affordable price point. So naturally we knew our branding and design had to evoke luxury, simplicity, and feel modern yet timeless (just like our formulations). 


Each ingredient in your products is chosen with purpose - how do you choose which ingredients to use when formulating your products?

We love using skin nourishing ingredients and it's no secret in the skincare industry that botanical oils and plant butters nourish and repair your skin. It takes us over one-two years to develop our products as we ensure we’re sourcing the highest quality ingredients but also creating the most effective formulation. We create all our products making sure not only that we source the highest quality ingredients but also oils that are sustainable. We work with a group of scientists that specialize in natural skincare and they each come from different backgrounds. They help us identify synergies and the effectiveness of our ingredients when combined to deliver simple yet effective products.


What has been your most exciting moment with MIFA & Co so far? 

The Social TV segment where one of the beauty experts featured our Eucalytpus Mood Mist, and when Tori Wesszner said she loved our body wash! It was a moment where I just kept hearing the Shopify notification going off and thought what is going on? 


What are some lessons learned over the past few years since you first launched?

Things always take longer than you envisioned and you have to be patient because good things take time. We have always taken the slow and steady approach, which does take patience and in some ways delayed our growth in some cases but in the end we are happy with how things turned out.


What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

Adding oil on top of my skin for that extra natural dewy look. I was never big on make-up but now I really focus on just nourishing my body vs trying to cover up.


What’s coming up next for MIFA & Co?

We are gearing up for 2 new product launches this year plus new packaging. We have been working on these products for over a year and really excited to share the details soon. Fall is going to be very eventful. We're also working towards being 100% sustainable for 2022 with PCR plastic and refill packaging. This project has proven to not be as easy as an indie brand but we are determined to make it happen. 


We’re so excited to be featuring MIFA & Co’s newest product launch, the All-Over Skin Dew in our Summer box. What prompted the creation of this product?

We wanted to create something different. We didn’t want to just have another body lotion. We all know the skincare industry is a crowded one so being able to differentiate ourselves was probably the biggest challenge, especially because this was our first ever skincare product. Second challenge was creating something effective and being able to bring it in at an affordable price point. We wanted to create something super hydrating (because hydration is everything!) that uses high quality luxurious ingredients at an affordable price point because accessibility to wellness is really important to us. After many many many renditions we were able to bring together so many skin loving  and nutritious ingredients into one product at active levels to make it truly effective. Good things take time and this one took 2 years for us!


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