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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Nana + Livy

by Jessika Noda |

Welcome to our first #cleanbeautyspotlight of the Winter Box! We are excited to kick things off with the creator of that cute little Matcha Soap Block in your box. Meet Amelia, Founder of Nana + Livy! When Amelia discovered healthy food ingredients could be transformed into bath and body products, combined with her passion for soap making, the rest was history!


What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company?

At its core, Nana + Livy has five fundamental values: handmade, green, vegan, minimalistic, local. You will see these values carried into the brand and products.

What inspired Nana + Livy? (how/why you started the brand, also the story behind the name!)

Nana + Livy was started during my second maternity leave when I started exploring my interest in soapmaking. Soon my passion for soapmaking turned into a business. I named the business after my two beautiful daughters, Natalia and Olivianne.

What was your “aha” moment when you decided to integrate food into your skin care products?

When I first learned to make cold process soaps, I found it very interesting that you can incorporate food ingredients into soaps. I thought to myself, “This is just like cooking!” and that was when I had the “aha” moment! Wouldn’t it be fun to make skincare out of nutritional delicious food ingredients!?

What’s your favorite part of creating your products?

I enjoy designing recipes for my products. When I launch a new line of products, I have to think of variations and different skincare benefits, how they tie back to food, the design, the marketing, and the packaging. It’s a lot of brainstorming but it’s very fun and stimulating.

What has been your most exciting moment with Nana + Livy so far?

There had been a lot of exciting moments with Nana + Livy, such as the first time we got into a store, the first market we vended at, the first interview we did, the first time we had a stockist in the USA, etc. I am very grateful for all these milestones we have experienced so far!

What was your biggest hurdle in creating your skin and body care line?

I guess the biggest challenge was not to create something that has already been popular or in the market. That’s why I always try to put a spin on my products either in the ingredients or in the packaging.

What advice would you give people interested in starting their own skincare or beauty business?

My biggest advice would be you gotta love what you are doing! Starting your own brand/business whatever it may be is a long challenging journey and if you do not have enough passion for your work, you won’t be able to continue.

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

I personally think skincare is more important than cosmetics, and natural clean skincare is my favourite. For example, I like using gentle food powder to exfoliate and cleanse my face. I also like using a light natural oil to moisturize.

What’s coming up next for Nana + Livy?

We will launch a new line of products early next year! We have spent a lot of time on the R&D, and packaging design. Excited to launch soon!

We’re featuring Nana + Livy’s Matcha Soap Block in the Winter box. What prompted the creation of this product?

Matcha is simply my favourite drink of all times! It’s so tasty and beneficial. I cannot resist anything matcha! Adding a matcha soap to the soap block collection would make perfect sense!

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