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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Nootka & Sea

by Jessika Noda |

In this week's #cleanbeautyspotlight we are featuring Nootka & Sea. A beautiful shop tucked away in Squamish, BC, we had the chance to meet Mikki, the Co-Founder, and learn more about her brand and story. 


What inspired the creation of Nootka + Sea?

The idea of Nootka & Sea started between a husband and wife hiking through the BC coastal rain forests.  I guess you could say the coastal landscapes inspired our product range and brand. The salty air, crashing waves, moss filled damp pathways through towering spruce, hemlock and cedar trees. That particular trip is where the idea for Nootka and Sea was born and that nostalgic feeling helped shape our brand. We are a lifestyle brand with a West Coast feel.  


What’s your favorite part of creating Nootka and Sea’s products?

The creative process of formulating new products and being able to see my ideas come to life. I’m quite fluid when I create something new and really like to test/play and improve the product right up until it's on the shelf and even after. 

It's also always been a personal passion when I'm exploring or travelling with my family to recreate the smell or experience into a physical product when I’m back home. The re-creation process of that memory and feeling is truly what I find most exciting and being able to share that with my customers is so rewarding. 


What has been your most exciting moment with Nootka and Sea so far?

My proudest and most exciting moment has to be when we extended our space - Seeing my business grow so visually was amazing. Not to mention the extra room I had to showcase more of my product and bring on other local artisans that inspire me. Another thing I've always loved about having a physical store is the sense of community that brings. I really enjoy meeting local people as well as people visiting Squamish. 


Why did you choose to create a plant based product line?

I chose to create a plant based natural product line because that's what I believe in and it resonates with my own lifestyle and beliefs. I wanted to provide the healthiest skin care option for overall well being. 


What was your biggest hurdle in getting Nootka + Sea off the ground?

I think the biggest hurdle for me then and even now is balancing my family and my business. I have a four year old so in the real forming years of Nootka and Sea, I had a newborn.  Like everyone, I think finding time to do everything well is really tricky. My learning is its all about trying to find the balance and create your own rituals in self care. 


What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

I truly believe beauty starts within and diet plays a huge role. Once you start looking after yourself in that way and then combine that with a great all natural skincare regime, I believe you'll see great results. 


We’re featuring Nootka and Sea’s Desert Rose & Sage Herbal Buttercream in the Fall box, what prompted the creation of this product?

The desert rose and sage herbal buttercream was an extension of the herbal buttercream range as I wanted to offer something with a touch more fragrance and felt really luxurious and feminine, in contrast to some of my other scents. I really feel ‘rose’ is a timeless and classic scent, which I knew would appeal to a large proportion of my customers. Mixing the sage with rose creates a warming tone, which is really floral and grounding.

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