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Clean Beauty Spotlight: OM Organics

by Jessika Noda |

We are excited to be kicking off Fall's first #cleanbeautyspotlight with Kari from OM Organics. Before ‘natural' skin care products came to be what they are today, Kari had spent many years working as an esthetician. Although she had access to the best-of-the-best in skin care products, she could never seem to manage her own skin struggles, constantly dealing with skin that was extremely sensitive, reactive and breakout prone.

What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company?

Honesty, hard work, and passion will take you far!

What inspired OM Organics? 

I was amazed at how much my skin improved when I started using my own ‘potions’ on my skin. I had to share them!

What’s your favourite part of creating your products?

Simply being creative and coming out with innovative formulas that do what they are supposed to do!  

What has been your most exciting moment with OM Organics so far?

It actually just happened! But, I can’t spill the beans just yet. 

What was your biggest hurdle in creating your own skincare line?

Convincing people that these products are different from our competitors and not ‘just another’ skin care company. 

You quit your 9 to 5 to start OM Organics, what advice would you give people interested in starting their own skincare or beauty business?

If you're dedicated and passionate, jump in with two feet and don’t look back. Give it everything you’ve got and risk it all. If you don’t, you’ll never know what could have been. 

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

My Face Elixir and Face Oil ritual, every time. It leaves my skin so clear and glowing with the confidence go make-up free. 

What’s coming up next for OM Organics?

We’re launching a new Aloe + Mint Hand Sanitizer this Fall. We’re also getting a brand new production facility in 2021 along with the re-opening of our Apothecary Storefront!

We’re featuring OM Organics’ Superfruit AHA Brightening Masque in the Fall box. What prompted the creation of this product?

We wanted to create something was super brightening and exfoliating - but suitable for everyone, including the most sensitive types of skin.

It's not too late to get your OM Organics Superfruit AHA Brightening Masque in our Fall Box!

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