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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Orgaid

by Jiyubox Team |

Our first Clean Beauty Spotlight from the Summer Box comes all the way from California and Dr. Baek. Check out his story of starting the first organic sheet mask company in the United States!


What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company?

There are many natural and organic brands that don’t live up to consumer expectations. Its feeling, texture, and effectiveness are not as good as conventional chemical products. Our brand is uniquely designed and formulated by me, and we manufacture all products in-house in California, US.  


What inspired ORGAID?

Back in 2015, sheet masks were very popular in Asia, and my wife was using one of them. When I checked its ingredients, I was surprised that many harmful ingredients were listed. At the time there were no manufacturers of sheet masks in the US, so I founded my company, ORGAID. I remodeled my bedroom to a private lab, and it was the first organic sheet mask manufacturer in the US. I named my brand ORGAID with the meaning of Organic + Aid. 


What’s your favorite part of creating your products?

As a scientist, my favorite part of creating my products is the research I put in to find the best ingredients and bringing harmony to the formulations to provide the best results on the skin.


What has been your most exciting moment with ORGAID so far?

After a lot of research and wanting to grow my business, I finally launched my first product, ORGAID Anti-aging and Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask in October 2015. 


What was your biggest hurdle in creating your own skincare line?

Providing the best effect while keeping organic content as much as possible. Also, making products stable without any synthetic preservatives is quite difficult.


What advice do you give to people wanting to start their own business?

To be full of energy and continuous thinking.

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

All people have different skin types and even the types change as people age. If your current product does not work any more, you need to find the right one for your skin. My current favorite product from our new products is our Youth Serum made with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. My skin feels great every day!


What’s coming up for ORGAID?

Cleanser, cleansing oil, toner, mask, and special treatment!


We’re featuring ORGAID’s Vitamin C Sheet Mask in the Summer box. What prompted the creation of this product?

Vitamin C is great for your skin. It promotes collagen production, which plumps your skin. Also, it fights free radicals that damages skin causing brown spots and fine lines. Do not be deceived from products stating its Vitamin C content is 20%. I’ve analyzed and researched this and discovered these statements to be false. Our Vitamin C is the perfect amount after a long trial and error to make the best effect.

Find ORGAID on their website or on Instagram @orgaid.

Get ORGAID's Vitamin C Sheet Mask in the Summer box or in the online shop

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