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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Province Apothecary

by Jessika Noda |

Welcome to our #cleanbeautyspotlight featuring Julie, Founder of Province Apothecary. Province Apothecary creates pure, effective ingredients that benefit even sensitive skin. It began with the mission to produce the best skincare products using only high quality, certified organic ingredients sourced from each Canadian province. Julie expertly formulates, blends, and packages all products by hand in small batches ensuring the highest quality skincare.

What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company?

I have always tried to keep things simple and use only natural products. I have always been obsessed with using minimal products in my home and on my body. After becoming an aromatherapist and studying herbalism, I never wanted to use products that were based on natural ingredients again. 

What inspired Province Apothecary? 

I was born with eczema and always wanted to help other people who suffered from skin issues. As a kid I thought I would be a dermatologist but as I grew up I was attracted to costume design and styling. One day when I was 27 I had had enough of my skincare issues and wanted to figure out how to make something to help heal my Eczema because I couldn't find anything on the market. This is where my skincare journey began and Province Apothecary was born (originally called J.A.C for Julie Anne Clark)


What’s your favourite part of creating your products?

Working with clients in our clinic and seeing the glow and healthy change in their skin. It’s been such an amazing journey and we have been so fortunate to help inspire, and motivate clients and customers to learn about their skin and to take care of it 365 days a year. 

What has been your most exciting moment with Province Apothecary so far?

We are about to launch a new facial tool (coming in October) and had a very exciting moment this morning looking at all the pictures we took at the photoshoot last week. PA has kept me on my toes from day one. From bringing on new team members to figuring out a new way to package a product that is more sustainable brings me so much excitement.

What was your biggest hurdle in creating your own skincare line?

Starting a business is a huge hurdle that I was not prepared for, but I think the naivety helped me think I could do it. If I had really known how challenging and demanding it would be, I probably would have talked myself out if it. 

You started Province Apothecary like many others, running your business from your home. What advice would you give people interested in starting their own skincare or beauty business?

Invest in people to help you grow your company! Also, hire people with more experience than you. I wished I had worked for another beauty brand so I had a better understanding of how a business like this would work and run, which would have allowed me to make mistakes and learn while working for someone else. 

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

I love face massages, specifically our Natural Facelift Ritual. It is so easy to do and so effective. I always think my skin looks its best at night, after I have cleansed, toned, hydrated and given my face a relaxing and lifting massage. Your skin always glows after a massage! 

What’s coming up next for Province Apothecary?

We have alot coming down the pipeline and I am so excited to share that we have a new facial tool coming out Oct 1. Stay tuned for more info! 

We’re featuring Province Apothecary’s Moisturizing Oil Cleanser + Make Up Remover and the Invigorating Balancing Toner in the Fall box. What prompted the creation of these products?

These 2 products are staples in my skincare routine and have been since I launched PA. I love oil cleansing and wanted to create the perfect cleanser that is perfect for all skin types. I have convinced hundreds of people that cleansing with oil is amazing for the skin. I am thankful that it is now so popular and we no longer have to convince anyone, clients come in asking for it!

Our toner smells so good! I wanted to create something to help our oil based products penetrate deeper into the skin and the essential oils I chose help balance the skin. They also work for all skin types and ages. I hope you love them both as much as I do!

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