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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Well Beings

by Jessika Noda |

In today's #cleanbeautyspotlight we're chatting with Kitty, Founder of Well Beings. They craft reusable goods to inspire simple swaps for a more sustainable life. After realizing that her whole bathroom trash bag was filled with one-time use cotton rounds, Kitty decided to make a change realized she could multiple bags of garbage from entering the landfills per year by switching to a zero-waste alternative.



What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company? 

At Well Beings, we believe in using simple solutions to solve our everyday problems. All of our products are simple swaps to everyday single-use products. We focus on designing beautiful products to inspire a sustainable lifestyle, and choosing organic material so that it can biodegrade back to the earth. 

What inspired Well Beings? 

Confronted with the amount of plastic my lifestyle was creating, I sought to create reusable products to swap out everyday single-use items. With a few meters of fabric and no sewing skills, I FaceTimed my dad for help to transform them into facial rounds and bags. This quickly budded into a (retired) father + (entrepreneurial) daughter project, which combined his 40+ years of textiles experience and hope to leave the world a little bit better than how I found it.


It was important for me to celebrate our customers’ conscious efforts in swapping out single-use products. So when imagining who our customers are, I see a community of people who care for their body, their home, and our planet. To me, this is well being.



You have experience starting a skincare brand in the past, what lessons did you take from that experience and apply to your new brand?

In my previous business we tried to do everything as opposed to focusing on doing a few things well. It took the joy out of running my small business since it felt like I was doing everything, but accomplishing nothing. With Well Beings, my goal is to inspire more folks to choose eco-swaps over disposables, and I’m consciously choosing to pursue projects that motivate me to accomplish just that. 



Let’s talk about sustainability. What made you realize that it was time to move your lifestyle to create less plastic waste?

My grandma was a very resourceful lady, so I’m lucky to be able to watch and learn how to do more with less. This translates into sustainability quite seamlessly: first use what I already have, then go find a simple eco-friendly solution. Each eco-friendly solution you adopt is like taking a small step towards a greater sustainability goal. 

What’s your favorite part of creating your products? 

All of my products were originally created to help me reduce the amount of plastic & single-use items in my lifestyle. The chance to share these products and see it help others create a sustainable lifestyle is so rewarding.

What has been your most exciting moment with Well Beings so far? 

Every time I pack an order, it feels like I'm celebrating our customers for replacing plastics and single-use items from their routine. If our soap saver pouch is used for 1 year, it can divert 5+ plastic bottles from entering our waste streams. If our cotton shower pouf is used for one year, it can divert 4+ plastic shower poufs from our landfills. Best of all, 1 set of our cotton facial rounds can replace 600+ make-up removers from the landfill. I'm a true believer that small efforts lead to big impact, and it can't be more true in this case.

What was your biggest hurdle in creating Well Beings?

It’s an ongoing journey learning how to balance running Well Beings, show-up 100% to my day job as a Business Analyst, and finding time for myself. 

What advice would you give people interested in starting their own skincare or beauty business?

Just start! I’m a firm believer that small steps lead to big changes. Each step you take will lead you to the next problem to solve, but you’ll never know what to tackle until you start. This mentality applies to both starting your own business and in tackling climate change.

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated. 

What’s coming up next for Well Beings?

Currently I’m deep in holiday planning. When there is extra time, I’m thinking of new eco-swaps to help replace the single-use items found in your self-care routine.

We’re featuring Well Beings Reusable Cotton Rounds in our Fall box. What prompted the creation of these products?

In the past, I would use 1-2 disposable facial rounds per day. One day as I was taking out my bathroom garbage, I noticed the whole bag was made up of facial rounds. It dawned on me that if I were to commit to only using reusable cotton rounds, I would save multiple bags of garbage from entering the landfills per year.


You’ll find our Leafy Monstera cotton round in the Fall box; it’s my favorite pattern out of all. Through Well Beings, my hope is to inspire more people to choose sustainable products by creating eco-friendly ones that are too beautiful to resist.

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