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Clean Beauty Spotlight: Wildgold Botanicals

by Jessika Noda |

Welcome to our first #cleanbeautyspotlight of our Fall 2021 box! We are so excited to be speaking with Carley, the Founder of Wildgold Botanicals. Their mission is to advocate for plant magic and to connect people to the natural world, their roots. They do this by creating potently healing plant-based products and the practice of Western herbalism.



What values do you have that you believe you carried into your brand and company? 

I’ve founded Wildgold on many of my core values. I’ve carried my belief in living a toxin free life, my absolute belief in the power of plant medicines and principles of minimalism into Wildgold. All of my products will always be made with these values behind them. 



What inspired Wildgold Botanicals?

Ever since I had began learning more about what is in conventional skincare products I had been inspired to start my own skincare brand. At the same time I was also incredibly interested in natural health which led me to pursue an education in herbal medicine. I combined my inspiration for a skincare brand with my herbal medicine education and my business was born!

As for the name, it took months and months to come up with Wildgold. I wanted a name to represent what the business and products would be centred around, medicinal plants. One day it came to me, plants are ‘Wildgold’; they are true gold that come from the wild and they are of the utmost value to humankind. 


We love that you’re a mama! How do you manage your time between running your business and caring for your family?

It’s definitely an ongoing challenge to be a mama and run a business. I’ve gotten much better at simple time management and boundaries. I like to focus on essential business activities only. It’s so easy to get carried away doing unnecessary tasks that don’t get you ahead. This looks like a lot of list making and tackling the most important things on the list first. I’ve also recently hired an assistant to help formulate and label products, that has been a game changer! It’s definitely busy and a balancing act. A lot of work is done on naps and after bedtime. Otherwise I am super lucky to have help from the grandparents and my partner. Plus I love doing it so that makes it easier!



What’s your favorite part of creating your products? 

My favourite part of creating my products is seeing a vision/goal/dream come into reality. It’s pretty cool to think of an idea/vibe for a product I want to add to the line, gain momentum and inspiration, research and design and then have it become a physical reality.



What has been your most exciting moment with Wildgold Botanicals so far? 

Being contacted by British Vogue and having Wildgold appear in their magazine was extremely exciting. But I want to say I still get excited whenever an order comes in, even after three years! It’s too cool!



What was your biggest hurdle in creating Wildgold Botanicals?

Hmm, there are lots of challenges in starting a business and running a business in general. I can’t think of one thing specifically as the biggest hurdle but lots of ‘figuring out’ along the way.

What advice would you give people interested in starting their own skincare or beauty business?

I would say to follow your own path and stick to your beliefs around beauty products. It’s easy to try to be like all the other brands but being different or having your own niche is how you’ll stand out.

What is your favorite beauty ritual that leaves you looking and feeling naturally beautiful?

I love to keep things simple and easy. Simply applying serum in the morning and night just makes me feel great and well taken care of. It doesn’t take a lot of time which is perfect when you’re a mama. I don’t believe you need elaborate time consuming skincare rituals every day, just a simple one with high quality products that make you glow.



What’s coming up next for Wildgold Botanicals?

Next, which could look like a few years, I’ll re-introduce wellness products; teas, daily tonics, etc. It’s something that I know will take a lot of work and ‘figuring out’ but I’ve got so much inspiration and so much passion for this next phase. It will happen when the timing is right. :)



We’re featuring Wildgold Botanicals Eyebright in our Fall box. What prompted the creation of these products?

My Eyebright, eye repair oil was created because I wanted something to treat my own under eye puffiness in the mornings. It contains coffee oil, green tea and astringent (tightening) plants to tone the skin, treat dark circles and prevent fluid retention. It’s also incredibly rich in antioxidants which help us age gracefully.

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