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Do You Need Hair Oil?

by Jiyubox Team |

Our hair naturally produces oils that help it stay bouncy and shiny (and sometimes, a little too shiny!). However, this oil production can be disrupted by overwashing your hair or by drier, colder weather. 

Most of the time, the natural oil you produce is enough, but if you’re looking for a surge in moisture that also can promote hair growth, it might be worth looking into a hair oil! 


Benefits of Hair Oil 

  1. Hydration and moisture: Hair oils penetrate the cuticle (strand’s outermost layer) supplementing moisture missing from your scalp. If combined with heat (such as shower steam) the hair oil can absorb into your hair easier.
  2. Stronger hair: Moisturized hair means stronger hair. Dry, brittle hair is more prone to breakage, so if that’s a persistent problem, a hair oil can do the trick! 
  3. Smoother hair: Hairstylists use hair oil to smooth flyaways and increase shine. Hair oil can also protect your hair from the heat of styling tools. 
  4. Hair growth: Some hair oils can stimulate hair growth if combined with scalp massage. It stimulates the follicles and can lead to faster hair growth. 

How to use hair oil? 

Every hair oil is different, so it really depends on the type and its intended use. Styling your hair with oil requires a dime sized amount applied from your mid-lengths (starting around your cheekbones) downward. 

However if using as a treatment or mask, follow directions as listed! Some recommend being used before shampoo, and some say to use after conditioner. 

We included the Lily Organic Hair Oil Treatment in our Spring Box which is a hot oil treatment. To use as a mask, you microwave the oil for 15-30 seconds, massage into the scalp, then cover for 20 minutes before rinsing out. However you can incorporate it to your shower routine by mixing 2-3 pumps with conditioner and leaving for 2 minutes. 

Hair oils are great for retaining moisture and strengthening hair, so if you want to rock gorgeous hair this summer, we recommend checking it out! Make sure to read up on your ingredients, as some non-clean beauty hair oils contain harmful ingredients to your scalp and hair.


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