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5 Ways You Can Use Your Summer Body Oil in The Winter

by Jiyubox Team |

With the winter season right around the corner, body oil may not be the first moisturizer you reach out for to keep your skin moisturized. We get it, oils can be downright intimidating, greasy, and usually classified as your glowy summer moisturizer. You may be switching out your body oils for heavier creams as we speak! However, contrary to popular belief, there are still ways you can incorporate your body oil into your routine as we transition into colder and harsher weather.

It may take a bit of time to adjust to continue to incorporate your body oil in your routines, however, making the switch can keep your skin moisturized and protected for longer. 

1. Mixing a Little Bit of Oil to Your Body Foundation

There's one cardinal rule to applying foundation: blend down your neck and collarbones. Due to the texture of the foundation, it can be difficult to apply an even layer of foundation without any streaks or a copious amount of product. That is where the body oil comes in!

Mixing in 1-2 drops of body oil with a pump of your favourite foundation will change the consistency for a smoother application. Not to mention, some oils (such as jojoba and rosehip) contain fatty acids and antioxidants that have anti-aging results

2. Cuticle Care

Constant hand washing aligned with the increasingly cold weather can make your cuticles appear dry and cracked. To avoid this, soak your hands in warm lemon water for up to 10 minutes and slather your oil over your cuticles to naturally soften them.

A popular oil used would be Jojoba oil - a seed-based oil that has a fatty acid profile that allows it to penetrate the deep layers of the skin for intense moisture. It also contains vitamins E and B which promote healthy nail growth.

3. DIY Shimmer Body Oil

Just because the sun goes down sooner, it doesn't mean you can’t continue to glow throughout the day. For an all-over glow, add a little bit of crushed highlighter with your body oil and mix until there are no longer any small pieces of powder. Apply a little to your hand and apply to your body, focusing on your leg, collarbones, and shoulders to reveal visibly dewier skin in an instant.

4. Protecting Against Razor Burn

Using natural body oils is an effective way to relieve razor burns (the redness and itchy sensation) that may occur after shaving. Oils are an effective way to treat razor burns as other lotions on the market usually contain alcohol which will not fully moisturize and receive your skin. Specifically, some popular oils used for this are avocado, coconut, olive, and sweet almond oil. 

5. Seal in your Favourite Moisturizer 

You can never be too moisturized, especially in the colder months. Considering oils have occlusive agents that reduce water loss, it can be applied as the very last step of your skincare regime to lock all the benefits of your skincare in. It can also be used alone on damp skin to lock in the hydration. 

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About the Author:

Cameron Rosario is a first-year health science student at McMaster University with an interest in dermatology. When she is not writing skincare blogs or studying, she is always looking for new ways to get involved in the ethical skincare world.

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