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How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Shop

by Jiyubox Team |

We’re in the home stretch of the year, and what a year it has been. The pandemic has truly flipped our world upside down, and over at Jiyubox has made us reconsider what truly matters. We’ve reconsidered how we can better diversify our social media to represent beauty of ALL forms. We are so grateful for the surge in our community of skin care and wellness lovers who are emphasizing self care, and how we get to contribute to that journey with our collection of indie, clean beauty. 

Here’s what we’ve observed since the pandemic in how consumers are changing, for the better, in light of the pandemic. 


Shopping online 

We do love a great online shop (including ours, of course). It’s been great for us as we’ve welcomed new members  around North America, tapping into areas we never could have if not for the surge in online shopping. 

It’s important we continue to do so when we can, because it keeps our communities safe and supports businesses that have had to close their locations in light of the pandemic. But of course, keep supporting those shops in person where you can and where it's safe. 


Shopping small

Supporting small businesses and restaurants has been a trademark of this year, and really helpful to us at Jiyubox. Small businesses make up the majority of jobs in North America, so when you support small, you’re really supporting fellow members of your greater community. 

As we are a small business and founder-operated, we’re honoured to be in a community of entrepreneurs who are pushing for a better world through our business. We’ve greatly appreciated the support and hope that you continue to support small businesses with such great things to offer. 


Shopping ethical 

From mass layoffs to business practices that damage our environment, we’ve seen some shady stuff by the big businesses we know and used to love. We’re all for saving money, but for those with the ability to do so, shopping from ethical businesses is so important to supporting a better future. We have to start thinking about the impact of our shopping habits on our community and our world. 

We’re always on the lookout for brands that are committed to creating safe, equitable work for their employees and being sustainable and ethical in the production of goods or services. When you shop ethically, you can feel good about the purchase knowing it’s going to help more than it harms. 

Besides, it’s so easy! With databases like Good On You, you can check up on your favorite clothing brands (and find their ethical alternatives). We hope to see these resources continue to grow, but for now, do your research before buying, so you know who you’re buying from. 


Shop to amplify

Speaking of knowing who you buy from, we are so excited to see the growth in supporting Black-owned, BIPOC-owned, and women-owned businesses. Earlier this year we released a list of Black-owned beauty brands that you should check out, and we’re glad to see these businesses growing as the year goes on. 

When you support BIPOC entrepreneurs, you’re supporting their communities and contributing to the success of someone who has the odds stacked against them due to systematic barriers. As a woman-of-colour-owned company, Jiyubox is committed to continually amplifying BIPOC voices through our marketing and featuring diversity in our social media. 

We hope that you continue to consider who you’re buying from and what your contribution allows them to achieve. We cannot wait to see the success of fellow BIPOC and female entrepreneurs in 2021. 


Shop a side hustle 

We’ve heard 2020 referred to as the “year of the side hustle”, and we’re compelled to agree. With layoffs and sudden free time, we’ve seen so many side hustles pop up in our social media, from coworkers’ sourdough businesses, a friend’s hand drawn tote bags and so on. We’re so excited to see people diving into their passions, try something new, and take charge of their futures. 

We’ve all felt like this pandemic will never end at some point, or that we don’t have control. While we must accept what we can’t change, we can change how we live in face of it. So shop a side hustle, try something new and know that when you do, you’re making that person’s day - every single time. 

If we haven’t said it enough, we’re so grateful for the continued support of our small, ethical and  woman-of-colour-owned company, and hope to maintain that support in 2021, so we can continue to work with amazing indie brands that can be amplified through our work.

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