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How To Avoid Ingrown Hairs

by Jiyubox Team |

Our bodies are beautiful, carrying our metaphorical and physical scars, bumps and bruises like a vessel making safe passage. They show and tell the stories of our daily experiences and our lives.

They also tell us when they’re tired of being poked and prodded, preened and cleansed, as is the case with ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are our body’s way of saying “no bueno, I need an exfoliant like yesterday” or “no bueno, your shaving habits are the pits”. In reality, your shaving habits are probably not as bad as you think, but they may be contributing to your existing (and irritating) skin conditions. 

In today’s post we’ll be exploring ingrown hairs, including how to avoid them, and offer clean beauty product recommendations for treatment and prevention.You’ll be tackling ingrown hairs as part of your clean indie beauty skincare routine in no time.


What Are Ingrown Hairs

Lil’ nasties known as ingrown hairs are commonly found on beards, bikini areas and armpits and are frequently caused by improper or aggressive hair removal. This might include shaving against the hair instead of with the hair, utilizing hair removal tactics that create friction (i.e. waxing), and even cutting the hair too close to the opening of the hair follicle, can all contribute to the formation of ingrown hairs.

Other causes of ingrown hairs include the buildup of dead skin within your hair follicle (which create clogged hair follicles). Rather than growing straight up as hair typically does, clogged hair follicles can cause your hair to grow in all sorts of wonky directions, including growing back into your skin (yuck). Ingrown hairs are more frequently found on people with curly hair, as their natural curls create more opportunities for the hair to redirect itself downwards, rather than right side up.

How To Treat Them and Prevent Them

For existing ingrown hairs, products containing benzoyl peroxide can help to reduce inflammation and decrease bumps. A pre-shaving routine involving a combination of hot compress and exfoliation, can tease out ingrown hairs before they have a chance to slip backwards under the skin. 

In order to paint the canvas, you have to make sure your paint brushes are top-notch and in good working order, right? Shaving is no different. Utilizing a sharp single-blade razor will help in achieving a more precise and clean shave.


Product Recommendations

There are many Canadian brands offering affordable clean beauty options for skincare lovers looking to target and tackle ingrown hairs. Sustainability-forward brand Terra Supra offers their customers a variety of clay salt exfoliants, including their Terra Prima Pink Clay Salt Exfoliant, as seen on Jiyubox’s Marketplace.

Small businesses like Vancouver-based Well Kept offer high quality (and pretty!) razors that provide superior shaves with reduced irritation. Finally, finish off your shave with a burst of moisture. Indie beauty brand Epic Blend creates accessibility for consumers thanks to its motto of luxury without being ‘luxury’. Epic Blend’s body oils are incredibly hydrating yet calming to the skin and contain ingredients such as Jojoba Oil and Green Tea Extract

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Lindsay Stroud is a freelance content writer and ghostwriter from Vancouver, Canada. She has previously been published on The Urban Dater. Lindsay is always open to discussing projects and opportunities with passionate brands and businesses and is currently accepting new clients. Find her online at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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