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How to Practice Health and Wellness while Working from Home

by Jiyubox Team |

During this trying time, we can’t forget to prioritize our health and wellness while trying to figure out the rhythm of working from home. On the positive side, working from home means swapping out business apparel for a sweatsuit - sweet! If you don’t already work from home, it might take some time before you realize slouching on your couch isn’t going to help you get much work done. Lucky for you, I have gathered some tips and tricks on how to have a productive workday while also remembering to take some time for some self-care!

1. Have a routine going

Maintaining a routine will help you get your day started. Even if you don’t have a detailed structure for your day, having a loose outline will get you up and moving to conquer your tasks for the day. Personally, I find it really helpful to have a list of to-do’s written on a post-it note stamped on my wall. Along with those tasks, I like to write goals - this can be work or personal goals you’re trying to achieve! This way, every time I get distracted, I look up and it reminds me that it’s time to get back on track.

2. Set up a dedicated workspace

It is super important to have a good set up going. This means, having everything you need in arms reach from your workspace - your coffee, water, pens, notebooks, whatever it is! This will help mitigate any distraction or procrastination from getting up and wandering your house to kill time. Having a good workspace that is similar to your office desk will help get you into a working mindset.

When choosing a designated area to work, consider things like location, lighting, noise level, and comfortability. You want a space that has minimal distractions, is quiet, and clean. I recommend sitting in front of the window because not only will you get natural lighting, you can also open the window to get some fresh air into the room. 

3. Take mindful breaks

Remember to take breaks throughout the day! This means get up and stretch, play with your pet, dance around - anything to get your blood circulating. It is crucial for not only your sanity but it’ll help you take your eyes off your computer screen to rest and prevent strain on them. A good way is to plan out your breaks in advance by setting an alarm. This way you’ll also have something to look forward to when you’re grinding out your work - or better yet, sometimes you lose track of time from working so hard, break time turns into a nice little surprise.

4. Give yourself some ‘me’ time and have a relaxing nighttime routine

Last but certainly not least, remember to schedule in some ‘me’ time in your day. This means prioritizing self-care and treating your mind and body with a relaxing nighttime routine. Grab some bath soaks, your favourite candle and indulge in the moment - be greedy with your nighttime routine!  Take this time to unwind and relax from your day. 

Some of our favourite products for self care that you can find on Jiyubox are: 

Along with these products, one of the best ways to practice self-care is stillness. It allows you the time to reflect on your inner self and bring awareness to the things that are bringing stress to your life, and also to be grateful for what is in your life.⁠


About the Author:

Jenny is a fourth-year marketing student at the University of British Columbia. She is an advocate for clean beauty and loves all things skincare related. She is constantly looking to expand her knowledge and learn new skills in the industry.

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