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How to Switch to Natural Skin Care

by Jessika Noda |

So you've now decided that you want to switch to natural skin care, but where do you start? Here are our tips on how to start transitioning the skin care products on your shelf to be all natural.

Switch products one at a time

It can be very overwhelming to realize that most of our tried and true skincare products contain harmful ingredients. Switching everything all at once can cause unnecessary stress and can be hard on the wallet. Start by switching out products as you run out of them, this way you can start looking to replace your products as you need them.

Do your research

After calming down from the panic of realizing how many toxins we’ve been putting on to our bodies, it’s time to do research. With clean beauty as one of the fastest growing beauty segments, many brands are jockeying for your attention and heavily marketing their clean beauty products. By starting to switch over one product at a time, this will help narrow down the search and avoid getting overwhelmed with different products, brands, ingredients, the list goes on. Easy product switches to start with include soap, body washes, and lotions. 

Read ingredient labels.

We can’t stress this one enough. This is where you can truly see whether a product is all natural or not. It’s important to take the time to read product labels so you can be the judge of whether it passes your standards of natural. Many companies will put ingredients’ latin names, so they can look a little intimidating or unnatural at first, but a quick Google search can answer any doubts. Paula’s Choice also has a great Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary to check out.

Look at the order of ingredients

Ingredients are listed from highest to lowest concentration. If a product says that it’s made with Jojoba oil, but it’s almost at the bottom, you can be pretty certain they’ve only put in a few drops of the ingredient, and you’re probably not getting its benefits. 

Understand what “natural” means to you

The beauty industry has really run with the trend of green beauty, or “greenwashing”. Many brands use terms like “natural”, “clean”, “vegan”, “organic” in their marketing but may still include harmful ingredients. Just because a label has these words on them, doesn’t mean they are 100% true. Make sure you understand the difference between these terms and what they mean to the brand, then decide which is right for you.

Remember it’s a process

Just like with all skin care, beauty, makeup, and hair care, it is a process to find the right fit. We’ve probably forgotten that it took 10 different face creams to find our favorite one. Switching to natural skincare doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s important to take is slow and steady.

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