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Indie Beauty Expo LA 2020 Recap

by Jessika Noda |

Last month our Founder Jessika attended Indie Beauty Expo LA in sunny California. This year, Indie Beauty Expo brought together over 200+ Indie beauty brands ranging from personal care, to makeup, to skincare and wellness. 

We had the chance to meet and chat with many of the brands exhibiting, and are excited to share with you some of the biggest trends we’re seeing in the industry!


This comes as no surprise. CBD has been making waves over the last few years coming in to everything from health to makeup, to skincare. As an emerging ingredient, you may be wondering if it’s for you or if it really works. Studies have shown that CBD in skincare can help visibly reduce redness and breakouts, has anti-aging properties, and soothe sensitive skin. If you’re looking to dip your toes into CBD skincare, make sure on the ingredient list that they state “cannabidiol”. Anything else may not be compliant, or could be hemp, which is not the same ingredient.


Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging was one of the trends we saw from almost every brand at the expo. Many of the brands opted to use glass bottles instead of plastic, and were packaged in recycled packaging. Brands also focused more on slow beauty rather than quick fixes, and consuming as many products as possible. The idea behind this that consumers want a connection to the brands they’re purchasing from, and want to feel good about their contribution and support to the brand, their community, and their impact on the environment. 

Clean Ingredients

This trend was music to our ears. With a big push for more natural alternatives, and ingredient education, we noticed many brands adhering to the EU’s standard ingredient list which is much more extensive than ours is here in North America. We also saw many brands opting to keep their products as natural as possible using natural preservatives, or no preservatives at all. Some of our favorite brands we checked out included Earth Harbor Naturals, Fyve, INC and Trisha Watson Organics.

Asian Beauty

It has been exciting to see Asian skincare making its way into Western bathrooms and routines. What makes asian beauty products unique is their ideology of putting skin first, then makeup. This means that Asian skincare focuses on ensuring that our skin is prepped and primed as best as possible so there isn’t a need to cake on the makeup and we can let our skin breathe and shine through. Some of the Asian beauty brands we were able to chat with included MIZU Lifewater Skincare, SerumKind, and The J Beauty Collection.


Ayurveda has been around for centuries and is one of the world’s most ancient wellness systems. Ayurvedic skincare was first developed in India, and the idea behind it is incorporating a mind-body approach to skin care. This means nourishing the mind, body, and soul, becoming in tune with our body’s needs. In skincare, this means also developing a self care routine to do in tandem to feed the body, mind and soul. 

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