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Ingredient Spotlight: Blood Orange

by Jessika Noda |

Welcome to another edition of Ingredient Spotlight! Today, we’re featuring Blood Orange. These yummy citrus fruits are not only beneficial for our bodies, they are also amazing topically for the skin. 

Blood oranges are rich in Vitamin C & A, and contain high doses of anthocyanins. What are anthocyanins? They’re pigments found in the cell of some plants and flowers - more specifically, in deep coloured fruits like blood oranges. 

Benefits of Blood Orange

High in Vitamin A

Because blood oranges are high in Vitamin A, this helps to promote cell turnover and slows the breakdown of collagen which keeps our skin looking plump and hydrated. This makes it a great ingredient for anti-aging to help you keep your skin looking and feeling youthful.

Helps Protect Against Free Radicals

Studies have suggested that Anthocyanins have the potential to protect the skin against UV damage. Using it topically can help to lower the amount of UVB radiation that hits the skin’s layers. This makes it a perfect ingredient to pair with SPF for added protection from sun damage.

High in AHAs

Blood oranges are also packed with fruit acids, aka AHAs which are chemical exfoliators that dissolve the dead skin cells to allow new skin cells to come to the surface. This allows for a beautiful glow to shine through. New to AHAs? Check out our post on chemical exfoliants

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