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Ingredient Spotlight: Sea Salt

by Jiyubox Team |

Salt - the ingredient that often gets a bad rap for just doing it’s thing. Eat too much of it, and you face the short term consequences of a puffy face the next day. However, there’s also the long term consequences of how a sodium-rich diet can put our health in danger. 

As we’ll be discussing today, it’s not necessarily salt itself that is the problem, but the kind of salt we’re using, how we’ve been using it (plot twist: It involves putting it on our skin as opposed to consuming it), and especially how this seemingly mundane ingredient actually packs a positive punch to clean beauty skincare.

Your standard table salt, known by its technical name sodium chloride, can be very dehydrating and is often what leads us to feeling super thirsty (and eventually gives us a puffy face) after a salty meal. However, other types of salts, such as epsom salts, named after the British town from which they originated, and sea salt, such as those found in the Dead Sea, are actually super beneficial to our skin.

Sea salt has incredible detoxifying and healing properties, made up of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium, all of which cleanse the skin. Salt is actually more beneficial than sugar in its ability to exfoliate thanks to its antimicrobial properties - a relatively surprising fact considering the rise in popularity of exfoliating sugar scrubs on the skincare market.

The incorporation of salt into your clean indie beauty skincare routine can be especially helpful for those folks who struggle with large pores and acne, or who are just looking to slough off dead skin. It’s important to point out that while it can be effectively used as a body scrub (it’s most familiar format to consumers), there are increased risks of sensitized reactions if left on the skin for too long.

With the explosion of sea salt as an ingredient in skincare, we’ve begun to see brands incorporating sea salt into a variety of products, therefore improving the accessibility of these beneficial salts to skincare lovers. These predominantly include the standard sea salt body scrubs and soaks, but also include more unique combinations like sea salt hair products (giving you those lush beach waves sans that sticky feeling after a long day by the sea shore) and toothpaste.

Canadian small businesses like KODO Collection and Terra Supra Skincare offer skincare lovers affordable clean beauty options when it comes to incorporating sea salt into their routine.

Indie beauty brand KODO Collection provides consumers an artisanal aromatherapy experience, with their wide variety of mineral bath soaks and body polish. Offered on the Jiyubox Marketplace, their Breathe Vanilla Mint Mineral Bath Soak both relaxes and revitalizes with it’s blend of essential oils and Dead Sea Salts.

Sustainability-forward brand Terra Supra Skincare encourages exfoliation lovers to get their scrub a dub dub on with their Terra Prima Pink Clay Salt Exfoliant. Containing a wealth of beneficial ingredients including magnesium and potassium, Terra Prima can be used on the face or body, with short term results yielding softer, smoother skin and long term results diminishing fine lines. A full size of Terra Supra’s Pink Clay Salt Exfoliant can be found in Jiyubox’s  Summer Box

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Lindsay Stroud is a freelance content writer and ghostwriter from Vancouver, Canada. She has previously been published on The Urban Dater. Lindsay is always open to discussing projects and opportunities with passionate brands and businesses and is currently accepting new clients. Find her online at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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