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On the Go Summer Must Haves

by Jessika Noda |

We are in the midst of summer and feeling the heat! We’ve curated a list of our top 5 (er, 6) summer must haves to keep you from looking like a melty mess and looking like the fabulous human you are. 

Face Mist

skincare - kodo collection face mist

You knew this was going to be on our list. Not only do they hydrate skin for that dewy (not sweaty) look, it’s the best way to cool skin midday and to soothe irritated skin after a day out in the sun. KODO Collection CALM Beauty Water featured in our Summer box is the perfect blend for refreshing and rehydrating tired skin. Pop it in the fridge for the ultimate refreshing experience.


We can’t stress this enough - especially during the summer time. Sunscreen is a MUST HAVE for every day. UV rays have the ability to do irreversible damage to our skin. Even on those days when it’s cloudy out, 80% of the sun’s rays still make it through the clouds. Make sure you’re applying sunscreen after moisturizer, and before makeup.  

Body Oil

skincare - epic blend body oil

We find ourselves reaching for body oils instead of lotion or creams because they are so much more light weight and add that extra glowiness to our legs. Check out Epic Blend’s Coconut Body Oil in our Summer box for soft, silky legs. BONUS it also doubles as a lovely post-shave oil! 

Blotting paper

Even if you’ve got dry skin, summer heat has got us sweating up a storm. Blotting papers are a must have for all of our purses to dab away the extra oils & sweat making our makeup last all day long. You might even consider finishing with a face mist to keep that dewy look *hint hint*

Sun glasses & SPF Tinted Lip Balm

Photo via Unsplash 

This is the ultimate combo for summertime. With the sun out all day, it’s important to protect our eyes from the sun’s light.. A pair of sunnies also protects the delicate skin around our eyes from harmful UVA and UVB exposure. Paired with a tinted lip balm for hydrated lips, it’s the easiest go-to look for summer. Don’t forget to use a lip balm with SPF - the thin skin on our lips make it more prone to skin cancers. 

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