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Post Night Out Skincare Regimen: The Do's & Don't's

by Jessika Noda |

Maybe you've woken up to find your keys in the freezer or slept with your shoes on. Either way, we are all likely to have our fair share of post-night out stories. If you can relate to the above then you probably also know just how rough a night out can be on your skin. The next time you find yourself out late, read our do's and don't's for curing that skin hangover in the AM. 

1. DO grab some water 

Photo via Unsplash

    If you were on the cocktails the night before, it’s important to hydrate your skin from the moment you wake up. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it forces the water out of our bodies and thus, makes one dehydrated. In addition to drinking a glass of water or two, opt for a facial mist (like the KODO Collection Calm Beauty Mist in our Summer box), and spritz over your skin for an instant refresh. 

    2. DO moisturize

      Moisturizing goes hand in hand with hydration but instead of just re-hydrating with water, you should also find a moisturizer that is specific to your skin type and needs. 

      3. DON'T use any harsh face masks

      Because one's skin is in recovery mode after an evening out, I tend to not try any unfamiliar or over-exfoliating skincare products that would be hard on my already very vulnerable skin. A gentler option is the Vitamin Facial Mask by Hello Sunday which is actually in our Summer Jiyubox!

      4. DON'T binge eat or drink sugary foods

      Sugar is a dehydrating agent and that is the last thing you want to do your body and skin after a late night. Instead, opt for healthy food and drink choices like salads or fruit-packed smoothies to get your nutrition back up. 

      5. DO sleep 


      Photo via Unsplash 

      When in doubt, sleep it off. Seriously. Sleep does wonders so if you’re reading this after a late night out on the town, do us all a favor and get some much-needed shut-eye. You can thank us later.

      What are your post night-out rituals? Do you have any? Let us know! 

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