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Skincare Picks for Mom

by Jiyubox Team |

Let's be honest, moms deserve the world (and then some). While we can't give them quite that, what we can do is give them some good skincare tips. So, whether you are shopping for the mother in your life or are a mom yourself, below are 5 of our favorite skincare products that we think just about any mom would love.

1. Epic Blend's Coconut Body Oil  

Nobody wants to pick favorites but Epic Blend's Coconut Body Oil is a front runner. The oil is ultra-moisturizing and soaks into your skin in mere seconds, leaving your skin buttery soft but without the greasy residue. No mom has time for greasy messes so if you're looking for a great all over body moisturizer, this is it. PS - this product is currently part of our Summer box! 

2. Under Eye Cream 

Another must-have for any mom is a great under eye cream. The area under your eye is one of the first places to show your fatigue (and moms, we know you can go without a sleepless night or two) so make the decision to invest in a good under-eye moisturizer. You'll be cheating your way to a more well-rested look in no time! 

3. A Gua Sha Face Tool

Photo via @midnightpaloma

We all need the proper products to keep our skin looking its best but what about the right tools? A Gua Sha Face tool may not look like much of a "tool" but we've really learned to love ours. When used correctly, these facial massagers promote blood circulation and natural drainage of the lymph nodes which all helps in brightening your skin. If you're thinking about adding this tool to your routine, Midnight Paloma offers a pretty pink one. 

4. Water Spray 

Moms are always on the go. Whether they're chasing after their little ones or hosting a family dinner, they are busy and may not always have the time to refresh their makeup or reapply their favorite moisturizer. This is where the water spray comes in. It doesn't sound like much but today's mists are packed with goodness. Plus, there are so many formulas out there that no matter what your skin goals are, you are bound to find one that works for you. 

5. Hello Sunday Vitamin Facial Mask

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Photo via @jiyubox
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The Hello Sunday Vitamin Facial Mask is a great addition to your vanity as it is made up of fruit extracts, rose clay, and papaya. Yes, papaya! The sweet fruit helps balance the oiliness of one's skin while exfoliating the dry areas. It's the ultimate face mask for moms that are looking for that product that can multi-task just as well as they can! 

What are your favorite skincare products for mom? Let us know in the comments below!

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