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Summer Skincare Must Have: The Face Mist

by Jessika Noda |

Do you mist? Facial mists have become a major staple in our skincare routines lately. They’re perfect for re-hydrating the skin when it’s feeling dry, dull, and drab. But what are face mists? According to Brad Scoggins, co-founder of Little Barn Apothecary, “Facial mists are today’s toners” They’re more than just water, that’s for sure. We like to think of them as miracle sprays. They can be used for every skin type, over makeup, and can have added ingredients for anti-aging.

Face mists are more than just mineral water, and are a combination of teas and oils that seep deep into your pores

Today’s face mists offer a plethora of benefits to our skin. They help balance the PH, and hydrate and revitalizes dry skin. We love face mists especially for the summer when you’re out on the go being active outside, and you just need that little refresher and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.

To read the full article and learn which types of mists are best for your skin type, click here.

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