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by Jiyubox Team •

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Does Facial Massage Work?

All we’ve been seeing lately on TikTok and Reels are beauty influencers massaging their faces and raving for the benefits.  Is facial massage truly up to the hype? We believe so. It targets the lymphatic nodes typically around your ears and neck to reduce puffiness.  Massage is becoming commonplace in facials, but even pre-pandemic cost a pretty penny. You can do it yourself, and there are tons of tutorials on different methods depending on your desired benefit.  You can incorporate a roller or gua sha, or just use your fingers. We recommend doing it after cleansing, with a few drops of your favourite facial serum or oil.  So why should you incorporate facial massage in your routine? Here’s what we found:    1. Reduces tension in facial muscles After a day of staring at screens, you naturally build tension in your face. Being hyperaware of your appearance and increased self-consciousness doesn’t help either. When you combine that with normal daily stress and pandemic stress, your facial muscles are really going through it! Adding facial massage will help relax these muscles and subsequently improve your skin’s firmness.    2. Reduce puffiness We’ve all woken up surprised by the puffiness of our morning skin. Facial massage promotes blood flow to your skin while draining toxins in your lymph nodes, which help reduce that puffiness. More blood flow means more oxygen, which helps with collagen production and brightness.    3. Reduce appearance of wrinkles Facial massage has been proven to help reduce appearance of wrinkles by increasing production of dermal proteins. These help your skin look firm and youthful (and who doesn’t want that on their Zoom call?).   4. Self care  How could we forget? We’re busy and stressed, so practice a little mindfulness while giving yourself a quick massage away from the screen. This is a time where you don’t have to think about anything else, you can just check in with yourself and your skin.  Facial Massage Tips Try with a gua sha, roller or your fingertips!  Include a facial serum or moisturizer in your routine. Find the methods that work for you, and massage along the natural contours of your face.   Subscribe to this season's box to kickstart your self-care routine: Subscribe Now