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Travel Skincare Tips

by Jessika Noda |

Are you planning on traveling this summer? Maybe a road trip across the country, or jumping on a plane to white sandy beaches are on the agenda. With restrictions lifting and travel picking up, a little trip is definitely needed, but all that travel and transportation can leave skin looking a little dull and lackluster. Lucky for you, we’ve If so, we’ve got our favorite travel skincare tips for you! 

The Night Before

The night before heading off to your exciting trip, focus on skin prep and hydration. Traveling, especially on planes can make skin extra dry and adds extra environmental stressors being in transportation for long periods of time. 

Try deep cleansing with a clay mask like Hello Sunday’s Vitamin Facial Mask packed with a concentrated blend of 4 fruit extracts, Papaya, Watermelon, Guava & Strawberry. This facial mask will draw out impurities & infuse your skin with vitamins A, B & C to reveal a rejuvenated, youthful glow. 

After masking, focus on hydration. We love using a sheet mask like Orgaid’s Organic Vitamin C Sheet Mask for a burst of hydration. It’s specially formulated with Ecoderma fabric technology to allow the serum to absorb deeper into the skin. If you don’t have time for a second mask, try East 29th’s Vital Serum. It’s part of our holy grail go-to’s! This serum is designed to deliver a high concentration of all-natural ingredients directly into the skin after cleansing to improve hydration, texture, and tone while also firming, promoting elasticity, and smoothing wrinkles.

jiyubox clean indie beauty east 29th vital serum

The Day Of

It’s time to hit the road! But before you leave the house, make sure to prep with and bring along moisture locking products for the road. 

We love using a thicker (but still fast absorbing!) moisturizer to make sure that all that skin hydration prep we worked on last night is still effective while we’re in transportation. Try Wildcraft’s Restore Face Cream. This face cream is deeply hydrating with a luxurious consistency. With a high concentration of essential fatty acids, it works to help plump and firm while creating a radiant glow on the surface. Rich in texture, a small amount goes a long way, making it versatile enough to be layered on top of a serum or applied on its own, resulting in lasting hydration throughout the day.

If you’re prone to getting dry skin, or will be on a long flight, we always recommend bringing a face mist to refresh and rehydrate on the go. We’re reaching for Province Apothecary’s Invigorating + Balancing Toner. This cooling floral essence-based toner feeds your skin nourishing botanicals and helps to re-balance after cleansing. The alcohol-free formula hydrates and smooths skin without disrupting the natural pH, controls the appearance of oil, and enhances the absorption and performance of oil serums for firmer skin.

jiyubox clean indie beauty province apothecary invigorating toner

Upon Arrival:

It’s time to wash away all the dirt and grime from travel! If you don’t want to take too many products with you on your trip, we recommend bringing at least these 3: 


When you arrive, you’ll want to start with a thorough face wash to get rid of any germs, bacteria, sweat, and dirt that have built up during the day. We recommend Midnight Paloma’s Cleansing Balm for its amazing ability to cleanse off the toughest waterproof mascara, sunscreen, and everything in between without drying skin. This rich, balm cleanser instantly gives you that spa-like feel with its nourishing formula of botanicals that clarify and boost the skin's radiance. It leaves skin feeling cleansed and nourished, never dry or tight.

jiyubox clean indie beauty midnight paloma cleansingbalm


Skin can feel lackluster and tired after not just traveling to your destination, but also when you’re out and about all day, outside exploring. We like to bring a treatment serum to help combat tired, dull skin so you can have bright, glowing skin all vacation long. We love Moon Being’s Celestial-C Stem Cell Serum. It’s packed fruit & Aloe Vera to help increase circulation & collagen production, ease breakouts, inflammation and improve skin tone. Plus it has squalane, a humectant base that also protects and improves your skin’s barrier.

jiyubox clean indie beauty moon beings celestial c serum


You didn’t think we’d forget about SPF, did you? Aside from cleanser, this is one of the most important steps to any skincare routine. Especially during the summer when the sun’s rays are stronger, it’s important to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. These days, we’re reaching for Lily Organic’s Mineral + Natural Sunscreen SPF 30. This physical, mineral and natural sunscreen is safe for all skin types. It prevents sunburn, moisturizes, nourishes. Because it’s more of a cream base, it can also cover your moisturizer needs if you have oily to normal skin!

jiyubox clean indie beauty lily organic natural sunscreen spf 30

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