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What is Dry Brushing?

by Jiyubox Team |

Dry brushing is an ancient practice that sloughs off dead skin and exfoliates. It also helps with circulation and can help skin appear younger, fuller, and more radiant. However, there are some myths associated with dry brushing, which we're debunking with you today.


Dry Brushing Myths

1. Helps with lymphatic drainage

Tragically no! Despite being widely believed to help with lymphatic drainage, the lymphatic system is far deeper than what the dry brush can reach through the skin. As Dr. Joshua Zeichner told SELF, “While exercise and contraction of your muscles may help improve lymphatic flow throughout the body, we do not have good data showing that a treatment like dry brushing is truly effective for this purpose.” 

2. Heals cellulite

Again, we wish! In reality, dry brushing removes dead skin, improving the brightness and reflectiveness of your skin. This might in turn reduce the appearance of cellulite, however, doesn’t get rid of it. According to Dr. Zeichner, “If you hear anyone claim that dry brushing diminished their cellulite, it’s probably this trick of light reflection at work.”


What Dry Brushing Actually Does

So, dry brushing is all about the impact on your skin - removing dead skin especially. Some recommend using it before or after a shower, to rinse off dead skin cells or get it off while the skin is still soft. Others say you should use it in the morning, when the bristles will most effectively stimulate your sensory nerves, promoting alertness. 

No matter when you use your dry brush, remember to be gentle! Especially for those with sensitive skin, as dry brushing can easily irritate or cause excessive redness. Look for dry brushes with finer, more flexible bristles, and use minimal pressure. 


How to Dry Brush 

  1. Start at the feet and work your way up your body with small, gentle circles.
  2. It is most effective when your skin and the brush is dry. 
  3. Add a little body oil to hydrate your skin and target any skin/muscle issues. 

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