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What's In My Bag: Travel Edition

by Jessika Noda |

Welcome to August! It’s Jessika, the Founder of Jiyubox here. I get a lot of questions about what I carry in my bag, and now that it’s half way through summer, travel is slowly coming back, and I’m away on a workcation, I thought it would be the perfect time to let you guys in on what I carry with me while I’m out and about.

Hand Sanitizer

First thing’s first, gotta keep those hands clean! We featured PAUME’s Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Gel in our Summer Box and I can’t get enough of it! Not only does it kill bacteria and germs, it smells amazing, doesn’t dry out my hands, and comes in the CUTEST 100% recyclable bottle. 

Hand Cream

While we’re on the topic of hands, I love Scentuals’ Grapefruit Turmeric Hand Repair Cream (they also have a bunch of other yummy scents). This one has been a staple for quite a while, it was featured in our Winter 2019 Box and has been a part of my go-tos ever since. It absorbs quickly and is ultra hydrating. It’s perfect to slip into your purse, or to keep on your desk for daily use.

Face Mist

I have pretty dry skin, and while I’m traveling, sometimes I need a pick me up. Province Apothecary’s Invigorating + Balancing Toner is the perfect touch ups during the day. Their travel size fits perfectly into pretty much any bag and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.


I’ve had my Comme des Garçons wallet for over 5 years now, and I absolutely love it. It’s durable, discreet, and fits into all my bags. The outside zipper ensures that nothing falls out, and there’s enough space for all my cards plus a little button up section for change!

Hair Accessories

Now on to hair, I’m loving that the banana clips are back in style. It’s a chic way to quickly put my hair up without messing up any styling I did previously just in case I want to let it back down again. Plus it’s a great way to show off those curtain bangs! Mine is from my local hair dresser who started her own hair accessories line, Kumo Accessories.

I always reach for my Maia x Jiyubox satin scrunchie when I want to do a topknot because the satin is so gentle, it doesn’t tug at my hair, or leave a huge kink when I remove it. Absolute must have.


Okay, keys are pretty unexciting, but I recently purchased this key organizer from Orbitkey. I have a ton of keys (to who knows where) and I would always be losing them in my purse, or they’d be tangled with something else. I’ve been loving this key organizer because it keeps all of my keys securely together, and there’s no more fuss trying to find them in my bag. I’d highly recommend it if you’re a key collector like I am! 

Face Mask

Of course, there’s still a pandemic going on so I’m always carrying a face mask with me. I’ve invested in a few hand made masks that I can wash and reuse when they get dirty. If I need to use a single use mask like during workouts, I love Air Queen’s Nanofiber Mask. I find that they give my more space between my mouth and the mask, so it’s a bit easier to breathe in compared to the standard medical masks.

Nail File

I always, always keep a nail file in every one of my bags. It’s something I’ve done since I was a teenager. You never know when you might break or chip a nail, and I don’t know about you, but I know that I’m not a fan of walking around all day with a broken nail, with the chance of it snagging on other clothes or breaking even further.


This is something that my aunt taught me when I went on one of my first big trips. Always carry at least one pen with you. Especially if you’re traveling through airports or around the city, you never know when you’ll need to fill out forms or to jot something down. I usually keep at least 2 pens in all of my purses just in case one dies. It might be a little excessive, but you just never know!

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