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Why Are Powder Face Masks so Popular?

by Jessika Noda |

It seems like clay masks are all the rage today. They feature some of the best ingredients for our skin and can target almost any skin care concern from moisturizing to toning to polishing. Did you know that clay masks have a history dating back to ancient times over 5000 years ago? 

Clay masks have been found in ancient civilizations from India, Egypt, China, and Rome to name a few. Each of these cultures used natural ingredients found in their surrounding areas like herbs, roots, clays and flowers. 

Where We Are Today

Today, powder face masks have really made a comeback. They’ve taken a back seat over the last few years because they aren’t always so convenient to use (aka quick and instant gratification for us Millennials), and can be messy if you’re just starting to use them. Over the last few decades, we’ve been spoiled with options like liquid masks, sheet masks, and those oh-so-satisfying peeling charcoal masks. 

If you’re into or have been exploring natural skin care or face masks, you’ll notice that many of them come in powder form. Here are some of the benefits to using/incorporating powder face masks into your routine:

They Last Longer

With liquid masks, the ingredients are already activated whereas in powder masks they are not. Because the ingredients aren’t activated yet, it allows for a longer shelf life since there are no preservatives or active ingredients.


Because there is no need for preservatives in powder masks, each ingredient in the jar has a purpose, and is not filler. This means you are soaking up every bit of goodness that each ingredient has to offer.

Customizable Treatments 

Our skin changes on a seasonal basis, let alone daily. With powder face masks, this gives us the power to customize the mask to our skin’s needs that day or week. We have the option to mix with different liquids water for a standard mask, yogurt for oily skin, or honey for dry skin. Try adding in a few drops of your favorite face oil for an extra luxurious and hydrating experience. We love adding in a couple drops of SCHMEARnaturals Rosehip + Sea Buckthorn Antioxidant Oil to our masks! 

Travel friendly 

Nothing is worse than getting stopped at security when you’re rushing to your gate. With powder masks, there’s no liquid! Breeze through the airport so you can get to your destination for a well deserved face mask post landing. 

Forces us to Slow Down, and Take Time for Self Care

This might be one of our favorite reasons for powder face masks. Embarking on a ritual that allows us to reflect on our body’s needs and create an experience to nourish our skin. Instead of using liquid/already activated masks, choosing to make our face mask each time gives us time to slow down, enjoy the process, and maybe squeeze in a bubble bath.

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