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Why Shop Indie Beauty and What is it Anyway?

by Jessika Noda |

At Jiyubox, we source all of our products from Indie beauty companies. What are Indie beauty companies? Indie beauty an umbrella term for small businesses who create skincare, makeup, wellness, and personal care products. Indie beauty companies can usually be found in boutiques, local markets, and online - you won’t be able to find them at larger stores Sephora or Ulta. Indie beauty brands are also typically independently owned and operated by their founder, and encompasses a lifestyle and community their customers can get behind and relate to. 

The choice to fill our boxes with Indie beauty brands was intentional, and here’s why we love to shop Indie beauty. 

Support local

While local is relative to where you are in the world, you get it. These brands are run by the people in your community, who you could bump into on the street. These are the small guys who are funding their own startup costs to give big corporations a run for their money.

Passionate owners

As mentioned previously, many of the founders and owners of Indie beauty brands are so passionate about what they’re building, they fund their own companies and are not backed by large corporations. This means that there is thought, care, and love that’s being put in to every product. 


By shopping Indie beauty, we’re also being more sustainable by using less transportation fuel on large shipments of product from overseas. Many Indie beauty brands make enough for each order rather than overstocking. 

Smaller Batches 

Going hand in hand with sustainability, by creating product to order rather than bulking up, it means your product is usually as fresh as it can be by the time it gets to your bathroom sink. It hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for weeks collecting dust.

Building a community

Last but not least, Indie beauty brands are creating a community of like-minded consumers who have the same interests and passions as they do. We are building a community to support each other on our journeys as well as passionate small business owners.

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