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GUNITA Honey, Fig + Ginger Candle

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by Kilig Candle Co.

As seen in the Fall 2020 Box 

GUNITA (n.) A memory.

GUNITA is the perfect scent with a mix of light and sweet honey, fresh figs, and a zing of ginger. This candle is the definition of sweet, spice, and everything nice.

This scent is made with honey, fig, and ginger.

Usage: Soy wax, honey, fig, ginger


100% soy wax, lead/zinc free cotton wicks, organic and phthalate free essential oils + fragrance oils, organic dried flowers, and recyclable glass jars + containers.

Pairs Perfectly with OM Organics Superfruit AHA Brightening Masque

GUNITA Honey, Fig + Ginger Candle

GUNITA Honey, Fig + Ginger Candle