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What Does Indie Beauty Mean?

Indie beauty can mean different things to different people. At Jiyubox, Indie beauty means that the brand is run and operated by the owner, and not backed by a large corporation. We work with brands that you won’t find in big box stores and elevate and showcase those that you may have only found in a local boutique.


How We Choose Our Products

Each of the products in our box are hand vetted, tested, and curated. This means we research brands that we want to work with who create high quality products. We test each of our products before choosing to have them in our box so we know that they work and are safe. We work with Indie beauty brands to help you discover your next favorite product! Each season we search for products that will be useful and season-appropriate products. We search for brands who are run by the owners, who are passionate about what they create, and who produce clean, cruelty-free products. All of the products in our subscription box AND in our marketplace are formulated without the Toxic Twenty. We use EWG's Skin Deep as a main resource when we’re researching product ingredients.

We want to elevate Indie beauty brands and do our best to work with brands who may not be on your radar yet, or who are usually found in independent boutiques - we want to lift up other small businesses! 


Our Three Pillars


We are all about elevating small businesses and helping you discover hidden gem brands that can only be found browsing boutiques or scouring the internet. We aim to be your one stop shop for all things clean and Indie beauty.

Plus, who said clean beauty had to be expensive? While many of us think we need to spend a fortune in the “clean beauty” aisle in big box stores, there are actually a TON of high quality skincare and body care products that are at an affordable price, and we want to prove it to you! While the brands we work with are higher priced than you’d find at the drugstore, we aim to have a wide variety of products that are priced under $50 USD so that everyone can experience clean, Indie beauty.


Knowledge is power, and that’s no exception when it comes to your skincare. We want to give you as much information and knowledge as possible so you can make the best and most informed decision for your skin. We write weekly blogs about skincare ingredients, health, and wellness. 

We also feature the brand owners in our seasonal box so you can learn about their stories! We are all unique, and while a product or ingredient may work well for your friend, it may not work well for you. By being educated on ingredients that work with our own skin, you can make the most informed choices that are best for you. 


We don’t want beauty to come at the cost of our planet. At Jiyubox, our boxes, stickers, and information cards are made locally in British Columbia, Canada and we work with brands who are based in North America. This eliminates the need for damaging pollution from airplanes and ships when ordering products from abroad. We also aim to ensure that most of our products are in glass or recyclable packaging where appropriate, and our box and its packing materials are fully recyclable. 

Jessika's Story

Hi! I’m Jessika, the Founder of Jiyubox. I never intended to start my own business. In fact, I always did things “by the book”. I graduated high school, got my degree, and launched into a career I thought I wanted. I always envisioned myself climbing the corporate ladder, getting married, having kids, the whole white-picket-fence narrative. But then things changed. I found myself wanting more, and always on the hunt for the next thing. While I was working, I felt like my life and career were missing purpose and passion. I was on the 9 to 5 grind, living for the weekends. 

I dove deep and really thought about what brought me joy, and I went back to my high school years. I was obsessed with skincare and beauty - fawning over the latest trends on YouTube. And it then clicked. Beauty was my passion. 

That’s when I decided to start Jiyubox. 

Community and supporting those around me had always been a huge part of my life, and I wanted to create a way to showcase those small businesses that were also following their passion and creating their products with love. I knew that I wanted to create a community where these indie beauty brands could be found, showcased, and shared because so much of the time, they’re only discovered in boutiques. 

I created Jiyubox to help you discover a curated collection of clean beauty made by passionate Indie beauty brands all in one place, just like your own boutique in a box.