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MAGINHAWA tobacco, cardamom + clove

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by Kilig Candle Co.

MAGINHAWA (adj.) to be cozy

MAGINHAWA is the perfect scent for days when being cozy is mandatory. Light this scent up and be ready to have a day of self-care and curl up with a nice cup of tea and a good book. MAGINHAWA’s scent is soft and feminine with just the right amount of aromatics for that at-home snuggly feel.

Made with tobacco, cardamom and clove.

9 oz


Soy wax, tobacco, cardamom and clove.

100% soy wax, lead/zinc free cotton wicks, organic and phthalate free essential oils + fragrance oils, organic dried flowers, and recyclable glass jars + containers.

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MAGINHAWA tobacco, cardamom + clove

MAGINHAWA tobacco, cardamom + clove